Having Nothing to Say Never Stopped Me

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sweaty brow
I've spent more time reading other people's livejournals (especially Poppy Z. Brite's entries about post-K NOLA).  Now, with so many things going on I could use a venting space and a place to air the junk drawer in my brainpan. 

About me:
I do a podcast called diabetic in candyland that is an audio show about failure and destitution. Just check it out and have a listen if you want to know more. I work at home as a webmaster for a couple of clients which I have done to spend more time writing.  I have a novel in the works partially gleamed from my Pentecostal upbringing.  I've noticed that all my characters are utter sociopaths and have few redeming qualites.

I'm married and it was the best thing I ever did. I know that isn't the story for most people but that is my story. And I'm sticking to it.

I will attempt to do more with this LJ thing.  I also twitter: twitter.com/aelmore


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