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A post about pre's and post's - post no Bills.
I stayed up late last night and finished a couple of cups of coffee reading DocBrite's account of Hurricaine Katrina.  Nowadays, we partition our lives based on the catalytic event that 'changed everything'. I compared her worries pre-K versus post-K.  Pre-k she's pushing a novel to completion, living life in NOLA and tending to her cats. Post-K she's reading Misery in a gas line, living with here mom in Mississippi and wondering where her cats are.

Do I have a personal partition? I've never been involved in a 9-11 / Katrina event that changed my life.  Some people are comparing their life based on Pre-W/Post-W divisions. What's been odd is that the last 8 years have been the best of my life. I married, faced down some of my inner demons, stopped chronically  smoking pot, became serious about writing (with my wife's urgings) and all-around got my shit togehter in a nice bundle.

I suppose I should use the pre-DUI/post DUI analogy in my life, because my outlook on life changed from that moment. I'm doing things I wouldn't dare to due before I overshot that turn and the officer pulled me over and asked the dumbest question ever. "Have you had a few drinks tonight?" (My podcast about it hereI know my eyes are red ossifer, I've been tanning thempf.

I also followed docbrite's LJ to get an idea what labors go into a novel. My first serious attempt ,and I mean Episcipalian serious, novel will be done by the end of the year.  Then, its off the workshop and shopping for an agent and publisher. I have no idea how to go about this so if anyone can lead me to a blog or any experience writers in the stands would like to offer advice, offer away. 

Suppose I should do some work today with the rent needing paying n' stuff.


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